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Learning process

School Resources

One of our aims is to educate the general public in all aspects of Red Squirrel conservation. We can come to your school and give an interactive, fun and educational presentation to children of all ages. Read below about the resources we have available.

What we can do...

Want to talk?

For any school within our project area we are happy to come along and talk to a class of children from early years to S3. We would first speak to the teacher involved to assess what level and length of presentation would be best and depending on this conversation we would come up with an age-relevant talk including interactive elements which can range from... colouring-in of red squirrel posters, Q&A, quizzes, wordsearch sheets, practical fieldcraft, including, where approriate, feeding, trail cameras, reporting sightings and microscope examination of squirrel fur. 

Some schools prefer to do their own instruction. In this case we can come to your school and "teach the teacher", enabling them to lead their own classes on Red Squirrels. You will find a link to various education resources provided by Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels, which is the umbrella organisation involved in red squirrel conservation in Scotland.

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