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A red squirrel on a tree branch. It's in profile and its ear tufts are striking.


Under the umbrella of "Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels" (run by the Scottish Wildlife Trust), we are a volunteer charity working in the Central Borders area. 

The project is working with local communities to ensure red squirrels will always be a part of Scotland’s special native wildlife. Together with partners, landowners and a network of local groups and volunteers, we are focused on the areas where red squirrels are most under threat from the spread of the invasive grey squirrel.

Our efforts are making a difference — in many places, red squirrels are already making a comeback. However, there is still a lot of work to do. With your help, we can continue to protect them.


Central Borders Red Squirrel Network is a group dedicated to stopping the decline of red squirrel populations in the Scottish Borders, to contain or significantly slow the progress of squirrelpox in South Scotland and to improve conditions for viable red squirrel populations across Scotland.

It is a partnership project between the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Nature Scot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage), Forestry & Land Scotland, Scottish Land and Estates, Red Squirrels forum for South Scotland, Red Squirrel Survival Trust and RSPB Scotland.



For a comprehensive list of project aims and challenges please visit Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels


We're part of a vast network

Although we cover a 430km2 area in the Scottish Borders, there are lots of other groups across Scotland, England Northern Ireland and Wales doing similar things.

Take a look at the map below and click on the area where you live to get the contact details of your local organisation.

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