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When we have identified that there are likely to be red squirrels in a particular area we will often install a feeding station. This may be in a public place, such as in the grounds of a cafe or hotel, where visitors can see the squirrels, or more usually in a secluded spot where the feeder can do its work without any risk of the red squirrels being disturbed.

What does it cost?

A feeding station installed and stocked with feed for a year costs £70

What do I get?

We will install the feeder in a place where we consider it would benefit the red squirrels, monitor, keep clean and keep it stocked with food for 12 months. Its location will be shared with you and your company name and logo will appear on our website and all of our social media streams for a minimum of 12 months.

If you are interested in helping, please email us

Our project boundary

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