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Great Scottish Red Squirrel Survey

Sunday 1st October 2023: An event organised by your very own Central Borders Red Squirrel Network and Bowhill Estate (Selkirk), a group of enthusiastic squirrel watchers spent 3 hours in the company of Andy Beverley (Countryside Ranger at Bowhill). We learnt the scientific approach to surveying red squirrels, spotting the signs and how to set up camera traps to monitor all kinds of wildlife. He even showed us the best place to site squirrel feeders.

We walked to a woodland on the estate where we performed a transect search and spotted signs of squirrels having fed in the area and also came across a badger sett and latrine.

One of the group was hit on the head by falling debris, which turned out to be a pine cone that had been stipped clean by a red squirrel high up in a tree. It was sitting there undisturbed by our group below and a real treat for those who hadn't seen a red squirrel before.

Our thanks go to Andy Beverley and the Bowhill Estate for hosting us. We had a great time and we even saw a rainbow over Newark Castle as we walked back to the cafe.

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