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Border Union Schools Countryside Education Day, Reds on the BBC and an update from SSRS

This week we were back at the annual Border Union Schools Countryside Education Day in Kelso. This is where every Primary 5 pupil from every school in The Borders gets the chance to learn about all manner of countryside activities. That's in excess of 1,000 9-10 year olds descending on the Kelso showground for an exciting (and educational) day.

Of course, CBRSN were there and Hazel was as popular as ever. He even signed seven autographs!

Committee member, Dave educating the pupils about our work.

Hazel happy to discover that Mr Fox was smaller than he had imagined.

If your child/grandchild is in P5, why not have a chat to them about what they discovered on their day out. And did they see Hazel?

BBC 4 showing a heartwarming tale of Red Squirrel conservation in Cumbria

BBC4 this Monday (27th May 2024) at 9:00pm, a wildlife documentary by film maker and conservationist Terry Abraham. The documentary takes us through his extraordinary relationship with orphaned squirrels and the untiring effort of charities, volunteers and scientists who are working together to save our threatened reds.

An update from SSRS

Although direct funding from Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels has ended, they're still supporting the work of groups like ours in the battle to protect the red squirrel.

"SSRS works in partnership with stakeholders, landowners, and volunteers to deliver the National Scottish Strategy for Red Squirrel Conservation, undertaking monitoring and control of invasive non-native grey squirrels to ensure red squirrels continue to be a part of Scotland’s special native wildlife.

Since 2009, we have been working across Scotland in specific priority areas where we know that red squirrel populations will most benefit from our actions. You can see these detailed in the map below.

In the North-East (blue circled area) we have reduced the island population of grey squirrels significantly and aim to achieve eradication. The success of the work carried out so far has resulted in a steady increase in reds across Aberdeen, from major city parks to back gardens.

In the Central Lowlands we defend the red only population of the Highlands and Aberdeenshire by carrying out grey squirrel control along the Highland Boundary Fault Line (yellow diagonal area). We also undertake squirrelpox testing to monitor the spread of the disease from the south of Scotland.

In South Scotland, we have helped to establish independent volunteer red squirrel groups across Priority Areas of Red Squirrel Conservation (areas indicated in red), providing them with training and support to control grey squirrels, limit the impacts of squirrelpox, and protect their local red squirrel populations. We continue to support these groups through our Community Hub and provide strategic grey squirrel control in key areas."

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