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Central Borders Red Squirrel Network

We are the Central Borders Red Squirrel Network, a volunteer charity set up in 2020 to protect red squirrels in the area covering Hawick, Selkirk, Galashiels, Kelso and Jedburgh and surrounding Tweed catchment areas of the Scottish Borders.

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Scotland has more red squirrels than the rest of the UK



Our conservation area


All it costs to join us for a year



that you're making a difference

Primary school classroom

School Resources

One of our aims is to educate the general public in all aspects of Red Squirrel conservation. We can come to your school and give an interactive, fun and educational presentation to children of all ages. Click the button to learn about the resources we have available.


Community Engagement

For any community group or club within our project area, we can come along to your venue and give a talk about the importance of Red Squirrel conservation.

What to do if you find an injured, unwell or dead red squirrel

What can you do if you spot an injured, unwell or dead red squirrel?

And find out about the diseases that threaten our red squirrels

About Us

Central Borders Red Squirrel Network comprises a dedicated group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers who all care for the plight of the red squirrel. Find out who we are and what we are about.

A red squirrel standing on the base of a feeder, with its fromt paws resting on the top of the feeder/

Join us for just £10 a year

Why not join us and make a difference? Find out more below.

Two red squirrels who have found themselves in a perspex-fronted feeder. One is standing up with a peanut in its mouth, while the other has its head stocing out from the flap.


If you want to make a difference, why not plant the right kind of trees to attract red squirrels? We'd also love you to report any sightings of reds and greys. And, if you spot an injured red, who do you contact? All this and more in this section...

All the Latest Updates

Read all about recent sightings throughout Scotland and enter your own onto the interactive map.

About the red squirrel

They may be cute, but there's more to Sciurus vulgaris than meets the eye...

Upcoming events

Come and meet us at an event. Find out how you can support our work.


Feeding squirrels

Do you want to feed squirrels in your garden? Please read our guidance.

Image by Pranay Pareek

Controlling greys

A necessary task in areas where greys and reds live is to control the grey population.

Membership offers

Here you can join the group for just £10 a year. You will receive a certificate and red squirrel keyring in the post (UK addresses only), quarterly email newsletters and exclusive invites to group events. We've even added a gift membership for that special person in your life and which includes a special gift.

Fluffy Squirrel Toy
Gift with a bow
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visit here...

Events Calendar

Why not come along to one of the events at which we are exhibiting?

Chat to our committee and browse our collection of gifts, from toy squirrels, to keyrings, wildlife-themed cards to children's books.

And remember, we're a not-for-profit organisation, so anything we raise at these events goes straight back into red squirrel conservation.

Red squirrel on wall

Fine art originals, prints and greeting cards from Jan Ferguson

Buy stunning wildlife art from our organisation's chair, Jan

Red Squirrel Card 6 by 4 inches


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