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Want to feed squirrels? Please read our guidance before doing so.


There are large parts of the UK where there are no red squirrels and you'll only see greys. Lots of people love to see greys in their garden and choose to provide supplementary feed from specialist squirrel feeder boxes. But we all know how determined they are and they can cause havoc if you're also trying to feed wild birds as well, unless you have invested in squirrel-proof devices such as baffles or mesh cages.

However, if you live in an area frequented by greys AND reds we would prefer it if you didn't try to feed the squirrels. Why? Well, if a grey carrying the pox virus visits the same feeder as a red, the red could pick up the pox and be dead within 10 days.

If you wish to feed squirrels then it is important to clean the feeder regularly (we recommend Vircon S tablets) to prevent the spread of Squirrelpox.

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