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A red squirrel clinging onto the bark of a pine tree, looking straight into the camera.


To protect, identify and strengthen red squirrel populations in our area.
Encourage the expansion of current red squirrel populations in our area.
Support neighbouring red squirrel groups to establish themselves where possible.
Promote better understanding and support for red squirrels in the Borders generally by delivering presentations and through attendance at local events etc.


Charity Logo

The Central Borders Red Squirrel Network was formed in 2023.  It has gone through some changes in identity to encompass an ever growing network of supporters and to undertake red squirrel conservation in areas not covered across the central Borders. Formally Hawick, Selkirk and Denholm Red Squirrel Network which was set up in 2022 when two smaller established groups joined forces: Selkirk and Ale Water, and, Hawick, Teviot and Rule, which formed in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The focus of the network is to promote the conservation of the native red squirrel population in its natural habitat within the Central Borders region along the River Tweed Special Area of Conservation which includes Hawick, Selkirk, Galashiels, Jedburgh, Kelso, and surrounding catchment areas.

The Network is looking for volunteers who could help with raising awareness, fundraising, squirrel surveys, grey squirrel control and various other tasks. To find out more, please contact Group admin or email

Community Engagement

Our aim is to raise awareness of the plight of our native red squirrel population. We attend many community events throughout our project area. If you have a community event taking place and would like us to attend then please let us know.

School Visits

Our fun, fluffy and larger-than-life red squirrel "Hazel" and team are available for school visits throughout our project area. Please get in touch to discuss.

Radio & TV

We'd love to publicise our activities and have a great story to tell. If you work in radio or TV and would like to report on our fantastic conservation work, please contact Jan at


We attend lots of community events each year and the sight of "Hazel", our larger-than-life red squirrel captivating young children and adults alike is sure to be of interest to your readers. Please contact Jan at


An important part of conservation is knowing as much as possible about the currrent population. We can only do this with your help. By entering your red and grey squirrel sightings on the SSRS website you are helping us to save our precious red squirrels.


We have a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers who we can call upon to help out with various activities, from pre-school, primary and secondary education, fund raising, commmunity engagement and merchandising.

Grey Squirrel Control

The most effective way in which Red Squirrels can be protected is to remove grey squirrels in such conflict areas. The live trapping and dispatching of grey squirrels is regulated and it is a criminal offence to release a grey squirrel that has been trapped. If you want to volunteer to become a grey squirrel controller then please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary equipment and training should we believe that grey squirrel control is appropriate in your area.


We are the Central Borders Red Squirrel Network, a volunteer organisation set up in 2020 to protect red squirrels in an area covering Hawick, Denholm, the Slitrig, Rule and part of the Teviot Water and surrounding catchment areas of the Scottish Borders - an area in excess of 430km2

Our project area

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Help protect our precious

Red squirrels

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