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Trapping and dispatching of grey squirrels within our project area is an essential task

Do you have a grey squirrel problem in your area, within our project boundary? Then, contact us to discuss whether we consider it appropriate to control the greys. We will provide full training, so you can do your own trapping and dispatching. Read more below and contact us to discuss


Our grey squirrel traps are located in areas where we are controlling the spread of grey squirrels. By law, each of the traps must be inspected at least once every 24 hours. If a grey squirrel is caught in the trap it will be humanely dispatched. It is an offence to tamper / damage / destroy or relocate the trap and it is also illegal to release a grey squirrel once it is inside the trap.

Above and beyond our legal responsibilities, you will notice that our traps provide food, water and shelter for a trapped animal as it may be captive for up to 24 hours. As a volunteer organisation with limited resources, we are actively seeking volunteers to take on the role of grey squirrel trappers. This would involve full training and we'd supply you with a trap and all the necessary accessories.

Contact us now to discuss how you can help

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